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Each trainer has been fantastic!

Private lessons with Nebraska Dog Trainers has been amazing with our skittish, hyper Australian Cattle Dog rescue mix. He’s smart – too smart – and came to us with “issues” that we’re still uncovering. Truthfully I was nervous using the e-collar on him, but it has been amazing. He now knows his “job” and what to do. Prior to training he was hyper and unsettled each evening, like he didn’t know his place. Now he’s fairly calm (he’s still a 1-year-old ACD!) and confident. Each trainer has been fantastic, asking us specifically what we wanted to work on, and then giving us specific techniques that immediately made a difference. The training has reduced stress for all of us. Thank you!

Joanna Binder  // Verified Google Review

The training is stellar!

The training is stellar and totally worth the investment. But what I felt was even more important was the time they took to make sure I was comfortable with the techniques and commands. It is an ongoing process in my mind and sending me off with all the “tools” really made all the difference for me. We did the board and train and the communication throughout really gave me peace of mind. A little report with a picture or video at the end of each day was a great touch.

Rebecca Fisher  // Verified Google Review

The trainer was fantastic!

We did the 2 week board and train and it was well worth it! The trainer was fantastic and took very good care of our girl. The results are fantastic, it is great to not be pulled on walks anymore, we can just simply walk.

Jon Miller   // Verified Google Review

Highly recommend Nebraska Dog Trainers!

Highly recommend Nebraska Dog Trainers–they transformed our German Shepherd into a well behaved dog who is a wonderful pet. She went from barking at every dog on our walk and dragging us down the street to walking and not pulling. She is a pleasure and very well behaved in the house.

Bob Cody  // Verified Google Review

We are so Thankful we found Nebraska Dog Trainers!

We are so Thankful we found Nebraska Dog Trainers! The facility is extremely clean and welcoming. We could not have asked for a better person to train with our pup. He is very knowledgeable, confident, outgoing and very personable. After every lesson, things clicked with our pup and us fur parents along with home follow up the results are amazing. Now we look forward to our walks, outdoor play and pup manners. My advice is to sign up and enjoy!

Tracey Collier  // Verified Google Review

Amazing job!

We took our dog Patch to the 2 week board and train program, our trainer did an amazing job. He sent us updated everyday of the progress Patch made. He is a different dog all around and is much happier in our home. The experience with Nebraska Dog Trainers was phenomenal!

Mollie Darrah  // Verified Google Review

Great People!

Nebraska Dog Trainers are great people. Georgia and I learned alot in just 4 meeting. Highly recommend these folks. Thanks.

Logan Trout  // Verified Google Review

These guys are the best!

Our rambunctious Texas Heeler Lucy was super naughty and followed commands on her own terms. She was a rescue situation and had come from an abusive situation. We did not want to instill more fear into her, we just knew she needed structure. Nebraska Dog Trainers gave us that! We sent her off to “Boot Camp” aka Board and Train and she came back with a wonderful set of core commands that she now follows with ease! We have now been able to build on those commands and introduce her to more things along the way. Training can be overwhelming and NDT took the hard parts and made them so simple and easy. I now understand my dogs body language and triggers and how to ease her out of certain reactions better than ever. Trust the process and trust the training! Without a doubt these guys are the best!

Rebekah Hughes // Verified Google Review

Extremely Happy!

Extremely happy with the training my girl got here it’s so much better having a pup that listens and is well behaved then one that you can’t do anything with cause she is everywhere…

Miranda  // Verified Google Review

Great Experience!

Great experience! they took care of my boy and the training was great! learned a lot and have the tools necessary to continue working with my dog!

Chloe Suarez  // Verified Google Review

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