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Tiller – 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog

Tiller is a gorgeous, young Bernese Mountain Dog who loves life!  He also loves jumping on people (how better to express his enthusiasm!), pulling on his leash, and not listening to commands.  After completing his 2 week board & train program, his owners are thrilled that he respects their space, walks nicely on a leash, […]

Charlie – 2 yr old Labrador Retriever

Charlie is a beautiful two year old yellow lab. She is your normal, energetic lab, but she suffered from some anxiety and bad manners. After her board and train, she responds quickly to commands, walks nicely on and off leash, and now has an “off” button to her barking. Check out her before and after […]

Stella – German Shepherd – Dog Training Omaha Nebraska

Stella came to us because she pulled on a leash, she liked to bark and was nervous in new situations. Her owners are glad she now heels nicely on and off leash, she quiets when told and her new sense of confidence. Check out her before & after video below.

Zeus – 11 month old German Shepherd

Zeus came to us because he pulled on a leash, pushed through the door and was food aggressive. His owners proud that he heels off leash, his respect door ways and eat calmly around people. So proud of you Zeus! Below is the link to his video.

Bella – German Shepherd Board & Train Student

  Bella is an 8 month old German Shepherd/Border Collie mix. She had a not so great start to her life, but her current owner wanted to give her the best chance she can. Before coming to Nebraska Dog Trainers for her two week board and train, she would pull on her leash, bark at […]

What Dogs Really Need

Top 5 things dogs need. We all know that dogs need food, water & shelter but there also 5 other elements that help a dog to be health & balanced. 1.  Companionship Dogs are social just like humans and need to spend the majority of their time with either humans or other dogs.  Far too […]

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