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Gator – 6mo Old Golden Retriever

Gator is a 6 month old Golden Retriever that came to our 2 week Board and Train program because he jumped, pulled on a leash and lacked impulse control. Gator is such a loving pup and enjoyed his time training. His parents love that he no longer jumps, he walks nicely both on and off […]

Auggie – 8 month old Labrador Retriever

Auggie came to our 2 week Board and Train program because he pulled on a leash, jumped and lacked impulse control. His owners can’t believe he walks nicely both on and off leash, no longer jumps on the kids and his ability to ignore distractions around him.  Check out his before and after video.

Gypse – Staffordshire Terrier

Gypse came to our 2 week Board and Train program because she needed to build her confidence and pulled on a leash. She now has new found sense of confidence and better manners both on and off leash. Her owners are enjoying living with a well behaved pup.  Check out her before and after video. […]

Cash – 11 month old Golden Retriever

Cash is an 11 month old Golden Retriever who did the board and train program because he needed to learn to control his jumping, his leash manners, his counter surfing, stealing food and he needed to build his confidence. During the training, he got to experience many new places and things and did great with […]

Dahlia- 1 year old Giant Schnauzer

Dahlia, a 1-year-old Giant Schnauzer, came to Nebraska Dog Trainers because she was being destructive in the house, destroying plants in the yard, jumping on people, and not obeying commands. Now, Dahlia obeys commands on and off leash and she has manners everywhere she goes! Check out her video and let us know if you […]

Charlie – 7 month old Doodle

Charlie is a 7 month old doodle who did the training program because he not only had puppy tendencies like jumping on people and nibbling, but he also had horrible leash manners, would dart out the front door and knocked kids over when trying to play. He loved learning and building his confidence while he […]

Delilah – 2 year old German Shepherd Mix

Delilah is a 2 year old German Shepherd mix who came to Nebraska dog trainers because she was pulling on her leash, jumping on people, and not listening to basic commands. Her owner loves her and wanted to be able to take her places and have her be more a part of the family. After […]

10 Warning Signs To Ensure You Are Not Getting A Dog From A Puppy Mill!

Nowadays it has become more important than ever to adopt a pet instead of buying it. Thousands of helpless animals are put to death every year because they are ownerless. If you have your heart set on a puppy of your own there is no reason not to call around shelters and find some puppies […]

Linden – 1 yr old Labradoodle

Linden came to us a pretty good girl, but she needed polishing. Her owner wants to use her as a therapy dog, so she needed to be able to be greeted by strangers and sit nicely for petting. She also pulled on her leash and was easily distracted. After her boarding training, her owners are […]

Charming – Corgi Mix

Charming came to Nebraska Dog Trainers because he pulled on his leash, jumped on people and was little dog aggressive. This happy little guy loved his training and excelled at it. his Owners love that he is a well mannered dog that they can take with them on family activities.  Check out his before and […]

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