Pickles – 4 yr old American Bulldog

Pickles, the 4-year-old American Bulldog, came to Nebraska Dog Trainers because he was overly excited and anxious, he did not listen to both owners 100% of the time, and he was acting aggressive towards dogs. After the two-week board and train, Pickles has learned to have a calm state of mind, he obeys commands, and he is able to be in the presence of other dogs without reacting. His parents are excited to have a well-mannered dog! Be sure and check out his video!


Are you creating a velcro dog?

The Velcro Dog – that nervous, stressed out, anxious dog that follows you room to room, like your shadow, in fear of you leaving or some impending doom. Did you know that if you allow this type of behavior to continue, you’re actually reinforcing it and doing your dog a massive disservice. Intentional or not, allowing your dog to cling to you out of fear will inevitably perpetuate further instability, keeping him stuck in a negative state of mind.


Owners that are quick to smooch and soothe their dog in this mindset inevitably create a more insecure, anxious dog that relies heavily on his own impulse to take control of a situation. This can lead to anything from destructive separation anxiety to reactivity towards humans or other dogs.


Dogs riddled with fear based anxiety need MORE structure, rules, and routine than your average dog. Predictability creates security. Anxiety and stress sky rocket when a dog doesn’t know what’s happening next. If their leader can’t provide a blueprint that gives them this security, they will draw up the plan themselves. This is where panicked reactions come to a head.


The best thing we can do for our dogs is provide a clear set of rules and boundaries so that our dogs aren’t left making their own frenzied decisions.


Heather Arthur

Abner – 10mo Old Rhodesian Ridgeback

Abner came to our 2 week Board and Train program because he pulled on a leash and lacked a lot of confidence. Abner is a loving pup and enjoyed his time training. His owners are glad to have him home with new freedom of a well behaved pup.  Check our his before & after video.


Lor – 6mo Old Dutch Shepherd

Lor is a 6 month old Dutch Shepherd who had become reactive to dogs and people, he pulled terribly on his leash, and he would bark incessantly at things he heard and saw. After his two week board and train, he is able to be around other people and dogs, he walks nicely on and off leash, and he is able to relax now. Way to go, Lor! Check out his video!


Gator – 6mo Old Golden Retriever

Gator is a 6 month old Golden Retriever that came to our 2 week Board and Train program because he jumped, pulled on a leash and lacked impulse control. Gator is such a loving pup and enjoyed his time training. His parents love that he no longer jumps, he walks nicely both on and off leash and listens around distractions. Check out his before & after video.


Auggie – 8 month old Labrador Retriever

Auggie came to our 2 week Board and Train program because he pulled on a leash, jumped and lacked impulse control. His owners can’t believe he walks nicely both on and off leash, no longer jumps on the kids and his ability to ignore distractions around him.  Check out his before and after video.


Gypse – Staffordshire Terrier

Gypse came to our 2 week Board and Train program because she needed to build her confidence and pulled on a leash. She now has new found sense of confidence and better manners both on and off leash. Her owners are enjoying living with a well behaved pup.  Check out her before and after video.


Cash – 11 month old Golden Retriever

Cash is an 11 month old Golden Retriever who did the board and train program because he needed to learn to control his jumping, his leash manners, his counter surfing, stealing food and he needed to build his confidence. During the training, he got to experience many new places and things and did great with it all! He is now a well mannered pup who still loves to give kisses and snuggle.  Check out his before and after video and see for yourself how much fun we had with this guy!


Dahlia- 1 year old Giant Schnauzer

Dahlia, a 1-year-old Giant Schnauzer, came to Nebraska Dog Trainers because she was being destructive in the house, destroying plants in the yard, jumping on people, and not obeying commands. Now, Dahlia obeys commands on and off leash and she has manners everywhere she goes! Check out her video and let us know if you want us to teach your dog manners.


Charlie – 7 month old Doodle

Charlie is a 7 month old doodle who did the training program because he not only had puppy tendencies like jumping on people and nibbling, but he also had horrible leash manners, would dart out the front door and knocked kids over when trying to play. He loved learning and building his confidence while he was with us and did great! Now his mom can walk him perfectly, the kids can play out back without getting run down and guests can come inside without being jumped on. Great job Charlie! We are so proud of you!  Check out his video.