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What Dogs Really Need

Top 5 things dogs need.

We all know that dogs need food, water & shelter but there also 5 other elements that help a dog to be health & balanced.

1.  Companionship

Dogs are social just like humans and need to spend the majority of their time with either humans or other dogs.  Far too many dogs spend way too much time alone.  If you need to leave your dog alone for more than 6 hours, you should hire a dog sitter, dog walker or have a neighbor/family member stop by and spend a little time with your dog during the day.

2. Rules & Leadership

Most dogs are natural born followers and need a leader to tell them what they should or shouldn’t be doing.  Yes, you are allowed to lay quietly on your dog bed chewing an elk antler or no, you may to jump on people who come in the house are great examples of rules & leadership.

3.  Physical Exercise

Many behavior problems can be decreased and even eliminated by physical exercise.  A brisk 30 – 40 minute walk will do wonders for a dog’s emotional and physical state.  My motto is a tired dog is a happy dog!

4.  Mental Stimulation

This is just as important as physical exercise.  Teaching your dog basic obedience, a new trick every few weeks, putting your dog on a treadmill & if your dog likes to play fetch, include a few basic obedience commands between throws to keep your dog focused on you and ‘earning’ his fun are a few activities that are great mental stimulation.

5.  Rest & Sleep

The average amount of daily rest (lying down relaxing, dozing and sleeping) that most dogs require is about 17 hours. It is so important to provide a dog with its own comfortable, resting place in a quiet area of the house where it can go and relax and not be disturbed, during the daytime and at night.

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